Free Visit Promotion – Terms & Conditions

Because we are providing a very new kind of pet care experience at PawSquad we want to help you feel comfortable giving it a try. Therefore, for a limited time beginning on August 10, 2015 we are offering some new users of PawSquad with a special voucher that will cover the cost of your first video visit with a PawSquad veterinary surgeon. The terms of this voucher are as follows:

What is covered by the Coupon?

  • The full cost of your first 0-15 minute visit with a Veterinary Surgeon

What is not covered by the Coupon?

  • Visits with members (or under any member accounts) that have received the services of a PawSquad professional at least once before

  • Charges for extra time (e.g. extending the visit beyond 15 minutes)

Additional Terms

  • The Vouchers will remain valid at least through Dec 1, 2015.

  • The Voucher may only be used one time and has a maximum value of £15.

  • The Voucher may not be combined with other promotional offers during the same PawSquad visit. Generally, only one voucher code may be used per visit.

  • Vouchers are not for resale and are not redeemable for cash.

  • PawSquad reserves the right to discontinue any voucher or promotional program at any time.

  • All requirements stated on the voucher must be met to receive the discount.